One-off fees


Joining fee 25 €

Fees for change of club

  • Adult changing clubs within Germany: 29.75 €
  • Adult changing from outside Germany: 53.50 €
    Additional fees may also be payable to the basketball association of the previous club depending on its location.
  • Minors changing clubs within Germany: 17.85 €


Membership fees

The membership fees are payable annually. Payment is to be made by bank direct debit authorisation (annually on 28 February). Upon request, payment may be made in two or four instalments. For this there is an additional service fee (see below under “Other fees”). The joining fee must be paid with the first membership payment.

  • Children (from Mini U8), schoolchildren, apprentices, students, unemployed, social welfare recipients
    168 €
  • Basketball play gym (“Pampers”)
    72 €
  • Family fees
    • 2 children
      264 €
    • 1 child + 1 x pampers‘
      204 €
    • Other special reduced fee rates for families available upon request.
  • Adults (competitive)
    240 €
  • Adults (recreational)
    120 €
  • Support membership


Other fees

  • Payment in 2 instalments (annual fee)**
    6 €
  • Payment in 4 instalments (annual fee)**
    12 €
  • Fee for 1st payment reminder
    5 €
  • Fee for 2nd payment reminder
    8 €


*Adult members must provide without prior request evidence of the reason for the reduced rate upon application for membership and in the following years at the commencement of the school year (1 September) or the semester (15 April and 15 October).

**Dates for payment by instalments: 2 instalments on 1 January and 1 July, 4 instalments on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October.

The additional fee for payment by instalments (6 € or 12 €) is payable with the first instalment for each year.

Upon joining, the fee payable is calculated proportionally to the end of the current year. Thereafter the respective payment dates are as set out above.

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So ganz können wir es ja immer noch nicht glauben, aber gleich gibt's tatsächlich 1.Regio-Basketball in der Schönstedtstraße! Tip-Off ist in 40min, also schnell in die Halle mit euch!
Für alle Nicht-Berliner Fans hat sich aber auch das Basketball Radio ins Ghetto getraut und berichtet live!

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