Management and volunteers

Management Committee



Susanne Bürger

President: Susanne Bürger
Represents the club vis-à-vis sport federations and associations (state sport association, Berlin basketball association), district organisations and offices, committee meetings, personnel management (interns and coaches), management of the business office, management of membership, gym training times (contact to gym caretakers), principal contact for members, coaches, referees and other committee members, press and public relations, club and social media communication.





Franziska Feitel

Vice President: Franziska Feitel
Press and public relations, club and social media communication, design and development of print and online media, minutes and record-keeping






Treasurer: Nuri Cetin

Payments, bookkeeping, accounting in relation to grants


Other committee members

Sport director: Christoph Esser

Game organisation (application for player IDs, game fixtures), training times, main contact for coaches (coaching licences, meetings)


Referees director: Vacant! Applications invited!

Referee scheduling, recruitment and training of new referees, licence monitoring, referee meetings


Public relations director: Vacant! Applications invited!

Press and public relations, club and social media communications, design and development of print and online media, regular preparation and updating of club news for the website and Facebook, minutes and record-keeping


Advisory committee

Engagement advisor: Marius Fußy

Project management in relation to the German Basketball Association’s engagement campaign, recruiting of and main contact for new volunteers, advice and support for the management committee in relation to special projects



No sport club would function without the help of its volunteers!

A great responsibility and a great commitment. Thank you!

Particularly important are our coaches, in the gym every day to prepare and conducttheir expert and motivational basketball training for our members. During the playing season they also coach at the competition games, travel with their young players to venues located all over Berlin, and organise the gym venues for home games.

Trainer, Schiedsrichter, Vorstand


Our Coaches

Arash Razban, Daniel Nüsse, Deniz Bulut, Eliane Schründer, Frank Mazer, Frowin Eckerlin, Hans-Christian Brecht, Jessica Pietruschka, Juliana Pehns, Nathalie Blöckl, Nuri Cetin, Ole Tölle, Sandro Luciani, Semra Ilhan

Without referees there would be no games! There are many Weasel referees at competitive games on the weekends. At some games the Weasels can provide the referees for home games – so then the venue is nearby. Otherwise the referees – as the coaches – travel sometimes long distances to venues all over Berlin.


Facebook Weddinger Wiesel

Wichtige Info: Das Anfängertraining am Montag in der Grüntaler Straße kann leider erst nach den Osterferien wieder stattfinden, da aktuell kein Coach zur Verfügung steht. Im April geht's dann dafür aber doppelt so motiviert wieder los ;).

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Yes! Unsere Damen-1 gewinnen mit einem kleinen, aber feinen Kader gegen Halle und wahren die Chance auf Platz 3! Sogar der Damen-100er wurde geknackt ;).

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